5 things not to do on your OkCupid profile

OkCupid profile advice – So what have they learned from these dates and what to expect based off what’s read in the profile? Here is some general advice from my interviewees.


1. Less is more. The fewer pictures and less details on content the better.  Basically when people glance through your profile they have an easier time identifying a reason not to like you than reasons why you are good. How many times have you gone through the person with 8 pictures only to get to the last one and say “Oh, that is not a cute picture, in fact he/she doesn’t even look like his/her other pictures.”

2. Avoid overused cliches. You want to make yourself stand out. Lot’s of people say that they are: down to earth, smart, enjoy exploring the city (what does that even mean?), like to go out to eat (as opposed to going hungry), saying that “your eyes” or your “great personality” are the first thing people notice about you.

3. Things not to list in your “six things you could never do without”: my cellphone, porn, quality food, my Apple products, my virginity, my hips that have moves like Jagger, physical things that we all need like air, water, and food.

4. Mention inside jokes about nerdy science fiction shows like BattleStar Galactica, ie. mention that you are not a Cyclon. (Oops I’m guilty of this).

5. Talk about sex before the first date. This is mostly for the straight guys reaching out to girls.

My profile is pretty awesome, check it out: http://bit.ly/4kb77v

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