Culinary Connoisseurs

Funny because it’s true – gays and lesbians stereotyped as “Culinary Connoisseurs”

Hey! Don’t put me a in a box, I don’t like to be told by someone else who I am, I am an individual! Oh, wait, what did you just call me, a culinary connoisseur? Wow, well okay I guess I can live with that.

According to this info-graphic from Target 10, an integrated marketing firm that focuses on the LGBT community, gay men and lesbian women are more likely to consume many types of liquors, go out to eat more, and more likely to care about the presentation of their food.

For many of the liquor categories the highest percentage of drinkers are in this order: gay men, lesbians, straight men, then straight women. These ones stuck out to me:

Gay men and lesbian far outdrink straight people when it comes to vodka. Although, really this shouldn’t be a surprise – can you remember the last time you didn’t see a happy hour flyer for a Svedka cranberry or a Smirnoff with soda and lime?

Beer is drunk first by straight men, then lesbians, then gay men, and then straight women.  Hm…I guess gay men like to watch their figures.

Gay men and lesbians drink far more wine than their straight counterparts, with lesbians actually taking the lead. Why do lesbians drink more wine? Hm… dinner parties and board game nights?

Check out the full article here:

Link to full info-graphic:


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