Put a bird on it, and other home design trends

I’ve recently moved into a new apartment and set about the task of furnishing and decorating it.  I’ve been frequenting the furniture shops on Valencia Street in The Mission as well as some chain stores like Urban Outfitters and West Elm, to see what kind of things are in right now.  While I’ve mostly been focusing on furniture, I’ve noticed that animals (notably forest animals likes birds, owls, ravens, deer, squirrels, as well as a few others like elephants) seem to be popular right now.  The animals trend has actually been going on for a while, but it seems to have picked up steam recently – and some notoriety thanks to skits like this from Portlandia.

The simple act of putting a bird on a pillow, a blanket, a purse, or anything might sell would seem to lend you some really cool street cred. But generic silhouettes of birds are just the beginning.  Now that same bird comes as a little paper mache statue. Or perhaps you’d like an owl to decorate your room. Going along with the forest animals theme, perhaps you’d like a squirrel.  According to one shop owner on Valencia Street, squirrel decor is this year’s owl.

Paper Mache Birds at A&G Merch

Ceramic owls and birds from Urban Outfitters

Owl pillows

Owl tchotchkes

Birds with owls = two trends for the price of one


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