Etsy: The Online Hipster Marketplace

Perhaps you have heard of the online marketplace Etsy where “artists” and artisans can sell various items that they have created.  This website seems to be largely by and for hipsters.  Here are a few hipster treasures below.

Just in case you haven’t had enough of hipster-staches over the last few years, here are some coasters meant to remind you of all the types of mustaches you’d like to try growing.








Hipster-staches? That’s so last year. Did you hear that beards are making a come back? This handmade, woven beanie has a fake beard attached.  Not only does it keep your face warm, but it helps those who can’t grow full beards assimilate into this new look.







Valentine’s day is coming up soon. What better way is there to tell that special someone in your life how much you care then to give them tchotchke in the shape of felt mouse proudly holding the sign “I dig you”.  These mousy creations from the “House of Mouse” are each made using simple and old methods, which is part of what makes them unique.  Description from their listing on Etsy: “Our most elaborate piece of equipment is a pair of scissors. Each mouse is individually hand sewn using old-fashioned needle and thread. Every mouse is dressed with great care and attention to the tiniest details.”  Also featured below are some other interesting mouse creations.







For you super hipster-nerds out there: Lord of the Rings set of 6.








And of course, if you are totally socially awkward you just may to  propose using a felt mouse. (Not recommended).








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