Hipster New Year Resolutions

Thanks to those who contributed ideas. If you have more ideas please send them to me at missionhipstersblog@gmail.com.

1. Play back-up for a friend’s indie rock band.
2. Learn to play an impractical instrument – like the ukulele, mandolin, or banjo.
3. Start a folk band and redefine what “local music” would mean today.
4. Make more mixed tapes for my friends.
5. Throw a period piece party.
6. Trade my digital camera in for a Polaroid.
7. Sell my car and get a fixed-gear bike.
8. Sell my bike and get a unicycle.
9. Pledge to buy only organic, sustainably made v-neck shirts.
10. Only shower once a week to save water, or even better, get a pool membership so I can save water by not showering as much.
11. Sell all my old clothes to Buffalo Exchange because too many people are now wearing the same items.
12. Make some new clothing accessories (belts, fanny packs, satchels, etc) from items found in trash bins.
13. Buy some bell bottom pants because I hear they are coming back in style.
14. Write more – finish the screen play I’ve been working on.
15. Move to a smaller city since the one I live in kind of played out.


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