South American Hipsters

Hipsters just seem to be everywhere these days.  Here are a few pics of some bohemian types in South America. 

Not only is this cool kid walking around with his Tom’s shoes, his smartphone, and big glasses – but he also is carrying a yerba maté tote bag big enough for a thermos, maté gourd, bombilla, and of course a giant bag of the herb.  Here he is seen exploring Colonia, Uruguay with his mother.


This kid below is in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Here he is seen with his Porteno friends wearing ruffled white jeans, a leather jacket, scarf, and some grey chucks.


The next two guys are in Bellavista, the bohemian neighborhood of Sanitago, Chile.  Popular in this neighborhood, people wear screaming loud blue, red, and purple jeans – most of which has this ruffled texture.  The guy on the left has blue glasses that match the color of his jeans perfectly. 



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