Hipster trend: Fox tails

Perhaps you have seen a few kids running around with fox tails attached to their belts.  These bushy fashion accessories are typically clipped on the back of someone’s belt.  How such an odd trend becomes popular is a mystery to me. I’m not sure what function they serve – keep your butt warm? or perhaps they are useful while balancing on slack lines in Dolores Park? or most likely are used as a swinging decoy from predators. All the rage in Japan, this trend has infiltrated hipster America. Although in Japan, they really go over the top by getting entire fox outfits – from boots, to paw mittens, to furry hats. Beyond hipsters, its quite popular with the Hollywood crowd as well – from Victoria Beckham to Kanye West.

Another odd trend is to create certain accessories for yourself that will go with your very unique style.  This next guy fashioned himself a fabric tiger tail to go with his outfit.


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