3 rules of identifying hipsters

1. A true hipster never knows they are hipster.

Ever notice how hipsters never describe their style, scene, or group of friends as “hipsters”? That’s because the first and cardinal rule of hipsterism is this: A hipster never self identifies as a hipster.  Hipsters think of themselves as individualists, who go against the grain, and think independently from the masses. Only outsiders label other people hipsters, and assign such status to their neighborhoods, clothing, and lifestyles.
2.  Hipsters care about how they look, but adamantly deny doing so.
Ever seen a hipster in a gym? They may own a gym membership, but their preferred source of exercise is walking from cafe to cafe.  If they do end up in a gym, their outfits consist of flat-footed, high-top chuck converse, cut-off jeans, and deep v-neck shirts.
3.  A hipster’s job title contains one of the following: “/”, “*”, or “()”.
Hipsters are passionate people.  And likely, this is about something other than their main job.  If someone has one of the following formats in their job title, then they may be a hipster.  The slashies (/) are people who view themselves as too dynamic for just one profession or job title, so they make a point of telling you that they are actually many things.  They may be an actor/model, or writer/producer/documentary film maker, or artist/Ritual Coffee Roasters barista.  Other hipsters have a day job that pays the bill, say waiting tables at the local organic eatery, and then explore their real passion – writing poetry in coffee shops by night.